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Acknowledging a disqualifying lack of institutional oppression isn't the same thing as persecution -- especially coming from within an already heavily persecuted group.

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The Furry fandom grew out of old school science fiction culture, and had become a recognizable staple of sci-fi and comic book conventions as early as

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Furries who admit that sexual attraction is a driving force behind their participation in the subculture often indicate that their attraction is exclusive, meaning they are ONLY attracted to for example anthropomorphic cartoon wolf creatures, and not to regular humans.

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Is Being a "Furry" Considered a Sexual Orientation?

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Getty Images Plenty of Furries consider themselves just another quirky part of fandom culture, meaning their interests are essentially divorced from notions of sexual or gender identity.

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For a movement founded on inclusion and acceptance, the struggle for LGBTQ rights is entering a uniquely challenging period.

Description: People's sexualities develop in all sorts of weird, fascinating directions, and everybody deserves to feel unashamed about who they are, and what gets them off.

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