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In countries throughout Africa, girls are being streamlined past adolescence to adulthood through sex initiation camps widely condoned in their communities. These are violations of human rights that perpetuate gender stereotype roles in third world countries, denying the human dignity and development of young girls. Koenraad Vanormelingen said in an interview.

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Although rituals of women's initiation resemble in numerous ways those celebrated for men, there are also highly significant differences that reflect the biological and — more importantly — the social distinctions between men and women. For instance, it has often been noted that whereas males are usually initiated as a group, women's initiation is quite frequently performed separately for each individual. In part, this may result from the fact that a dramatic individual physiological event — the onset of menstruation — marks the moment at which women's initiation is to take place in many cultures.

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Sexual cleansing is sometimes performed by a selected future husband [2] for a girl or otherwise by a paid sex worker. A hyena is a traditional position in some parts of southern Malawiheld by a man who initiates young women into adulthood through sex. The rite is believed to prevent disease.

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Our Monogram. This page presents the syllabus for a marriage initiation ritual a. I developed this for use in my own actual wedding, but also intend it to be available for others to adapt and use as they wish.

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Common in parts of southern Africa, especially in Mozambique, Malawi and Zambia, these ceremonies are held to prepare girls for married life. According to Girls Not Brides — a global partnership of more than civil society organisations committed to ending child marriage — up to million children will be married by the end of the decade if there is no intervention in some of the archaic customs of communities across the world. For me, as a child protection worker in this field for nearly a decade, the Casablanca conference was key in highlighting the issue of child marriage.

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The most prevalent of rites of initiation among societies of the world are those observed at puberty. These have frequently been called puberty rites, but, as van Gennep argued long ago, this name is inappropriate. Puberty among females is often defined as the time of the onset of menses the menstrual flowbut no such clearly identifiable point exists in the sexual maturation of males.

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Search Submit. Grace Mwase was just 10 years when she and a couple of young girls were led to a secluded hut in a village in Chiradzulu district of Malawi to take part in a rite of passage known as initiation. At first, Mwase was excited about the ceremony, but this turned into anger and disappointment when she got to the hut and learned the true purpose of the initiation. Support Pan-African Journalism Subscribe.

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Co-authored with Chammah J. Kaunda, Ph. The article argues that imbusa 1 among the Bemba people of Zambia is not only a ritual and ideological space in which women engage in premarital teaching of young brides, but also an important site for sexual expression.

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The practice is most entrenched in the country's south, where Mwase's Golden Village is located. Mwase was just 10 when she was led, along with about a dozen other girls, to remote huts outside her village during winter vacation from school in August. The girls were accompanied by older women from their village in Chiradzulu district, near the border with Mozambique. According to Mwase, most of the two weeks she spent at the initiation camp were dedicated to learning how to engage in sexual acts.


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