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This episode of Bodies looks at a time in her life when sex was physically painful for her and she had no idea why — and no doctors would help. This podcast is, from the very beginning, frank and assured: it is storytelling that has a purpose further than expelling a personal truth. Certainly, in the way that listening to anyone talking about sex could be difficult for some listeners, this podcast has hard moments.

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It's and everyone has a podcast. That includes a good number of podcasts that talk about sex— under the "sexuality" category in iTunes alone. We checked out dozens of the funniest, smartest, smuttiest sex podcasts out there and picked 15 favorites, so you can weed out what you like.

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Bespoke podcasting workshops for novices, journalists, corporates and media organizations. Two-ways, tape synchs, research, interviews, fixing, translation. From concept to execution to production, we can make your podcast series.

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TNW uses cookies to personalize content and ads to make our site easier for you to use. This story explores how the podcast, After: Surviving sexual assault, gives survivors a voice to speak out about their experience with sexual trauma. While it seems like survivors of sexual violence are more accepted and supported than ever, the conversations around trauma are still highly stigmatized, and too often focused on the accused rather than the survivors. But Catriona Morton, a writer and sexual assault survivor, wants to further destigmatize sexual violence with her new podcast After: Surviving sexual assault on BBC Sounds.

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The word podcast has by now become completely untethered from its namesake—the iPod. Analytics that were once uncapturable have become fairly comprehensive downloads from Apple Podcasts surpassed 50 billion this year and specific Chicago streams more podcasts on Spotify than any other U. Recipes for how to create a decent series were invented through trial and error, and thousands of producers now understand what makes our ears stand up: cults, cold cases, politics, feminism, and relationships, but most of all: stories.

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This week, Chelsea and Christine discuss a study which found adolescents who had a best friend were more likely to have healthier romantic relationships as adults. They take this finding and compare it to themselves and those closest to them. Podcast: Play in new window Download.

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On Valentine's Day ofI launched my first podcast. Let me tell you: it was a journey. Learning how to podcast is easy on the one hand, but keeping it up requires grit.

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Like the characters on Friendsonly without the irritating dancing they do in the opening credits, podcasts will be there for you. They're the buddy that walks you to the subway, rides shotgun on a long drive, and gives you something to do when you're not watching Friends. But some podcasts will be there for both of you.

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Serial goes to Cleveland! Well, Wondery is doubling down on the grisly Investigation Discovery—style formula with its latest true-crime production, Dr. Reported and hosted by former Dallas Morning News reporter Laura Beil, the series is pitching itself as an examination of murder and a failed medical system.

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Along the lines of the "peak podcast" article. I noticed these two pieces from the Guardian about sex podcasts and their popularity. I have to admit I am a little concerned at how the media is obsessed about audience and revenue as a measure of value for podcasts.


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