The Sound of Freedom 11/24/13 With Guest Stephen Lendman


This Sunday 11/24/13 at 11 pm est 8 pm pst – The most important news from China of the Decade! Author and Radio host Stephen Lendman will be dropping by to talk about the atrocities of war, including the latest on Afghanistan. I will also be going over comments and questions from listeners to the broadcast, “Sheeple, Why You Should Feel Sorry for Them”, Huxley vs Orwell, Don’t Hate The Players, Hate the Game, how to walk away and why you should be doing it, words of wisdom from Steve Jobs, and the phone lines will be open from Midnight to 2 am est for you to get involved with the show! Listen live at 1650 AM Tonawanda NY

Call in to the show at 646-716-7667

Hour 1 – News of the decade, Stephen Lendman on Afghanistan, Operation Enduring Forever  Click Here To Download

Hour 2 – Sheeple, why you should fee sorry for them, Orwell vs Huxley, listener emails, callers Click Here to Download

Hour 3 – Listener emails, great callers, walking away and words of wisdom from Steve Jobs Click Here to Download

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