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The Sound of Freedom Update 8/20/2014

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OMG! Ice Bucket Challenge Epic FAIL Douchebag!

▶ OMG! Ice Bucket Challenge Epic FAIL Douchebag! – YouTube.

A remix my friend Chris made of my “Ice water challenge”

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The Sound of Freedom 8/3/14 with Dr. Linda Lagemann * The Last Broadcast*


It does matter. Chose the hard right over the easy left. Take the path less traveled. Stop blaming others for your own problems, look in the mirror and take responsibility for your thoughts and actions. Today is not just another day, but another day in your life, and it matters! Make it matter!

Hour 1

To listen in a separate window click here


Hour 2 with Dr. Lagemann

To listen in a separate window click here

The Sound of Freedom was live from 9-11 AM est on The Republic Broadcasting Network.  In the first hour there were plenty of great callers covering a wide variety of topics including voting, walking away and much more.

In the second hour I was joined by Dr. Linda Lagemann to continue our discussion regarding the power of mind over matter. We also covered veterans issues, finding your inner voice,  and the importance of protecting yourself from information overload.

Check out all of the great information from Doctor Lagemann by clicking the links below


The Citizens Commission on Human Rights

The Citizens Commission on Human Rights International


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Why Facebook Sucks

▶ Why Facebook Sucks – YouTube.

Stop sucking at life. DELETE FACEBOOK

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▶ Off Grid Homestead Did A Radio Talk Show On Disasterfeeling.net – YouTube

▶ Off Grid Homestead Did A Radio Talk Show On Disasterfeeling.net – YouTube.

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Dirty Electricity – Should You Install Filters In Your Home? | www.electricsense.com

What Does The GS Filter System Do?

A GS filter system is a means of transforming dirty electricity back into good quality power. It filters out electromagnetic pollution in the range 4 to 150 Khz (that which Russian research has shown to be the most dangerous) carried in your power supply.

The human body is an electrical being. All the cells, tissues and organs in your body communicate with each other via small electrical currents. Dirty electricity perturbs these communications which makes the body vulnerable to disease.

Studies show that there is a biological impact to electromagnetic pollution. Cell phone towers and cell phones produce one form of this pollution, but dirty electricity produces another. Just as deadly.

“The greatest polluting element in the earth’s environment is the proliferation of electromagnetic fields. “

Robert O. Becker, M. D., -Author of The Body Electric(1985)

- See more at: http://www.electricsense.com/1825/dirty-electricity-gs-filter/#sthash.YXWBessT.dpuf

via Dirty Electricity – Should You Install Filters In Your Home? | www.electricsense.com.

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E-Cigarettes And EMFs – Overwhelming Evidence | www.electricsense.com

Electronic cigarettes have been banned in New York.

Restaurants, bars, parks, beaches and other public places are now off-limits for e-smoking.

I couldn’t believe it when I heard about this.

E-cigarettes are very dangerous, right?

There’s a huge amount of research to support these precautionary measures, right?

Actually, no. Not that much.

Not much? How much?

Obviously way more research than is available concerning the adverse health effects of cell phones – otherwise cell phones would’ve been banned long since, right?

Actually the research is astonishing but not for the reasons you might think.

via E-Cigarettes And EMFs – Overwhelming Evidence | www.electricsense.com.

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Employers Can Legally Lie to Workers, Court Rules – MainStreet

The employees were worried that if DuPont sold the new subsidiary it would hurt both their pay and retirement funds. To convince them to work in the subsidiary instead of transferring within the company, DuPont assured its employees that it had absolutely no plans to sell the spin-off. Based on this promise almost everyone moved to the subsidiary, which a few weeks later DuPont sold to Koch Industries. Koch cut both salaries and retirement packages. DuPont had, as it turns out, been negotiating this deal the entire time.

The Texas Supreme Court sees no problem with any of this.

via Employers Can Legally Lie to Workers, Court Rules – MainStreet.

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Identifying Pasture Grasses (A3637) – a3637.pdf

Using this guide

Before you plant

Before purchasing grass seeds, you may

want to consult the grass management and

descriptions section of this book. It describes

the ideal uses for each species and outlines the

best techniques for successful establishment,

management, and harvest. The species

information chart on page 58 summarizes

seeding rates and relative tolerance for

drought, traffic, and weed suppression

via Identifying Pasture Grasses (A3637) – a3637.pdf.

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All Hay Is Not Equal: Choose Your Livestock’s Carefully – Hobby Farms

Animal Feeding Tips

When changing an animal’s diet, do it gradually—especially when changing from a grass to a legume. Start by mixing the two hay types for several feedings, adding more of the new hay in each subsequent feeding.

The animals’ digestive tracts must adjust to the different type of feed.

Changing to a legume hay suddenly can make an animal sick, or cause a ruminant animal to bloat. Changing from grass hay to alfalfa all at once can change the environment in the rumen of cattle, sheep and goats and in the cecum of a horse (because of the shift in pH—the acid/base balance).

This can disrupt the microbes that help the animals digest their feed.

via All Hay Is Not Equal: Choose Your Livestock’s Carefully – Hobby Farms.

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Above the law: America’s worst charities – CNN.com

Collectively the 50 worst charities raised more than $1.3 billion over the past decade and paid nearly $1 billion of that directly to the companies that raise their donations.

If that money had gone to charity, it would have been enough to build 20,000 Habitat for Humanity homes, buy 7 million wheelchairs or pay for mammograms for nearly 10 million uninsured women.

Instead it funded charities like Youth Development Fund.

via Above the law: America’s worst charities – CNN.com.

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Top 25 Compensation Packages from the Charity Rating Guide

TOP 25 COMPENSATION PACKAGESThe salary information below was calculated by adding the IRS Form 990 categories of “Compensation,” “Contributions to employee benefit plans,” and “Expense accounts and other allowances.” Not included are any benefits received but not reported in the charity’s IRS Form 990.

via Top 25 Compensation Packages from the Charity Rating Guide.


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How to Make Mustard – Making Homemade Mustard | Hunter Angler Gardener Cook

But I gotta tell ya folks, it ain’t mysterious. If you have mustard seed and water, you can make mustard. It’s that easy. And pretty much every nation in the Northern Hemisphere has done so over the years; mustard is a cool-weather crop, to the North what chiles are to the Equator.

Mustard is a condiment of a thousand faces. Some are smooth, others almost entirely made from barely cracked seeds. Vinegar is often used, but wine, beer, grape must, and even fruit juices are used to moisten the seeds. Sweetness is usually achieved by adding honey; an American “honey mustard” can be a 1:1 ratio of mustard to honey. A Bavarian sweet mustard, however, uses only sugar and water: no acid, no honey. Italians put fruit preserves in their mustard, a practice I wholeheartedly endorse

via How to Make Mustard – Making Homemade Mustard | Hunter Angler Gardener Cook.

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6 of the Biotech Industry’s Biggest Marketing Myths to Convince You GMOs Are Great | Alternet

Recently, Elanco became the second largest livestock drug company in the world after acquiring Johnson & Johnson’s Janssen Animal Health and veterinary products maker Heska Corp., in 2011 and Novartis Animal Health and poultry vaccine maker Lohmann Animal Health this year. Now it is trying to pry open new markets in Europe, Africa and Asia with appeals to addressing world hunger. It is exhorting activists to “feed the world” through supporting biotech food technology with its “ENOUGH” movement, rolled out on the website Sensible Table. Presented like a new program of UN/WHO, the campaign is just a cagey marketing strategy.

Here are six of the biggest marketing lies found in Elanco’s new “How We’ll Feed The World” report.

via 6 of the Biotech Industry’s Biggest Marketing Myths to Convince You GMOs Are Great | Alternet.

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The Serfs of Arkansas

Chicken growers have complained about the practices of companies like Tyson for years, and now those practices have spread to other industries. Companies that process pork began contracting with hog farmers in much the same way; now the cash market for hogs is nearly dead. Then companies tried to get the cattlemen to adopt the same system. If anyone still has a romantic vision of a wide-open West and a hard-working, independent way of life, it is an American cattle rancher. As a group, ranchers did not take kindly to contract farming. “They don’t want to become chickenized,” Weaver says.

Because profit margins have shrunk so steadily, farmers are expanding their operations, which means fewer farmers produce more livestock for less money. Research from Food & Water Watch shows that the number of factory farms — defined largely by how many individual animals they have — has grown over the past decade, that smaller producers have disappeared, and that all farms have collapsed inward toward packing-plant centers. Barriers to entry for new farmers have grown because the size of the operation needed to be profitable is so large. It has created an hourglass-shaped system. Nearly all of the roughly 2 million farmers deal with a handful of processing plants; the top four food retail chains control more than half the market for the country’s 300 million consumers.

Most of the profits and benefits redound to the few companies in the skinny middle of that hourglass. Little of the money consumers pay for chicken in the supermarket goes to growers like Tawr, and that’s part of the reason companies needed to recruit new workers like him. Farming families who had been in the business for generations knew that it was no longer possible to be truly self-employed. “Those who came to agriculture with an idea of being independent … face the possibility of having to sign a contract that will make them serfs on their own land,” Stokes says.

via The Serfs of Arkansas.

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Cover Crops | USDA PLANTS

The following is a list of several cover crops used in the PLANTS floristic area (PFA). By clicking on the appropriate column heading, this list can be sorted by PLANTS symbol, scientific name, common name, or plant family. Click on a scientific name to view its Plant Profile with more information. Synonyms are indented beneath accepted counterparts.

via Cover Crops | USDA PLANTS.

rikka’s note: could be a useful resource to find good cover crops for your area. I noticed several varieties that grow wild that seed could be collected from to use.

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Monarda fistulosa (Wild bergamot) | NPIN

Use Food: Leaves boiled for tea, used for seasoning, chewed raw or dried; flowers edible.

Use Medicinal: Long ago, oil from the leaves was used to treat respiratory ailments. (Niering) Amerindians used leaf tea for colic, flatulence, colds, fevers, stomach aches, nosebleeds, insomnia, & heart trouble. For measles used to induce sweating; pulticed leaves for headaches. (Foster & Duke) Boiled dried plant to extract oil which was inhaled to relieve bronchial complaints, tea of plant used to reduce low fevers, to sooth sore throat, headache and colds, oil used to dry up pimples, boiled leaves applied directly to pimples. (Weiner) Tea from flower clusters used for fevers and colds, tea made from leaves used for coughs and whooping cough, boiled leaves placed in soft cloth placed over sore eyes and pimples, tea of leaves or flowers for adominal pain and to sooth the kidneys. (Kindscher) Infuse as a tea to relieve nausea, flatulence, menstrual pain and insomnia. Tru steam inhalation for bronchial catarrh and sore throats. (Bremness)

rikka’s note: blooming now in Michigan but almost done


via Monarda fistulosa (Wild bergamot) | NPIN.

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Louisville police: Teenager started ‘Purge’ rumors

People on WKYT’s Facebook page are asking if it’s a hoax or something they should legitimately be concerned about while in Louisville.

The reaction is so large that police have gotten involved.

“Due to circumstances that have trended nationally in regards to flash mob violence, in light of what occurred this past spring here, we realize that these things can occur in an instance,” said Louisville Police Sgt. Phil Russell.

via Louisville police: Teenager started ‘Purge’ rumors.

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