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Thoughts of the Day – Scared of Ebola?


Hello everyone!

Is it just me or does it seem like people are going crazy?  Escalating racial tensions, wide open borders, the boogeyman (ISIS), and now EBOLA IN AMERICA? I don’t know about you, but I have my pro mask on while writing this, and I plan on carrying out NBC (Nuclear Biological Chemical) training with my family and farm animals every hour on the hour for the next 4 days! The sky is falling! Please understand how sarcastic I’m being. In all seriousness, here’s some inspirational thoughts in regards to will power and disease. Be more than you are. Do better than you can. Rise above and go beyond what others are willing to let you off the hook for.


Scared of Ebola? – YouTube.

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Common Plant Compound Found to Reverse Lung Damage Associated with COPD |REALfarmacy.com | Healthy News and Information

Common Plant Compound Found to Reverse Lung Damage Associated with COPD |REALfarmacy.com | Healthy News and Information.

New Studies Reveal Lung Tissue Can be Regenerated

Research performed by Dr. Gloria De Carlo Massaro and Dr. Donald Massaro at Georgetown University School of Medicine, successfully reversed emphysema in experimental rats. The researchers used a derivative of vitamin A: all-trans-retinoic acid (ATRA).


Twelve days of daily ATRA injections enabled the mice to grow healthy new alveoi. Dr. Donald Massaro said, “It appeared that the treatment regenerated the adult rat’s ability to produce alveoli, the small air sacs where oxygen and carbon dioxide move between the lungs and the bloodstream. The production of alveoli normally ends in childhood.” [4]


Interestingly, a 2003 study published in Journal of Nutrition (Vols. 130 and 133): “Vitamin A Depletion Induced by Cigarette Smoke Is Associated with the Development of Emphysema in Rats” demonstrated why cigarette smoking is considered to be the primary cause of emphysema.

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▶ The Seven Sins Of Obama- 1. The Rot From Within – YouTube

▶ The Seven Sins Of Obama- 1. The Rot From Within – YouTube.

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16 essential fall garden tasks – Prepare your garden for winter – Jobs in the Garden by Season – What to do now – Canadian Gardening

As autumn leaves drift by your window, it may be tempting to look outside and think idle thoughts about nature taking care of itself. But like the rest of us, Mother Nature needs a good kick in the pants once in a while. Here are some fall dos and don’ts, plus tips to help your garden get a jump-start on spring.

via 16 essential fall garden tasks – Prepare your garden for winter – Jobs in the Garden by Season – What to do now – Canadian Gardening.

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Republicans & Democrats Agree; We Hate Putin

With “bi-partisan” enemies like these, Putin must be doing something right!

Republicans & Democrats Agree; We Hate Putin.

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Our Fear Feeds The Beast

Our Fear Feeds The Beast | Peace . Gold . LOVE.

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Why I’ll Be Getting My Ebola Vaccine When I’m Told To

Just Get Your Damn Vaccine! – YouTube.

Never doubt the government. They never lie, and they always will love you.  Ignorance is strength.

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Only In America

B0ElM7nIIAAuL4K.jpg-largeOnly in America do our corporations place psychopaths on cereal boxes and call them “champions”.  I can think of many different adjectives to describe ol’ Madeline, but champion is certainly NOT one of them. Are you enjoying the show yet?


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Farm Wars

70% of Cheese Products Made with Genetically Engineered Rennet

Barbara H. Peterson on October 8th, 2014

CheddarBarbara H. Peterson

Farm Wars

Yes, it’s true. Your cheese has more than likely been made with genetically engineered rennet. In fact, according to About.com, up to 70% of store-bought cheese products are.

via Farm Wars.

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rikka’s experience making lotion bar stocking stuffers

I could regale you with the adventure of actually finding the required items at brick and mortar stores but i will simply say it should be possible if you go into a bigger city. Pharmacies used to carry most of these ingredients or would order them for you but in this age of big box stores I guess they no longer give a rip. On the other hand they were able to direct me to a semi-local health food store that i would rather go to anyway. So on to the breakdown…..

  • beeswax 14 oz found at a craft store in the candle making dept. for $17.99 but with printable coupon from website $ 10.79
  • shea butter 9 fl. oz. from health food store for $16
  • coconut oil 14 oz from grocery for $4
  • vitamin e oil 1fl. oz. $5.25 from a pharmacy
  • cinnamon oil 0.5 fl. oz. $8.40 from health food store
  • medieval mix (oil blend comparable to thieves oil minus the cinnamon and clove but with two types of thyme oil) 0.5 fl. oz for $11

lotion bars 001b

bonus: peek at backsplash i made with soda cans ;)

lotion bars 012 bottle

Here’s the breakdown of how much of each item I used for cost analysis…..not by percent of finished product.

  • beeswax 75%
  • shea butter 100%
  • coconut oil 75%
  • vitamin e oil 50%
  • cinnamon oil 25%ish (75 drops)
  • medieval mix 50%ish (150 drops)

lotion bars 009b

When calculated that figured out to be $1.50 per bar and for the remainder that I put back in the shea butter nice brown glass jar to use be used for my feet. I may add cayenne to it this winter for warmer feet.

lotion bars 016 jar

The final product firmed up well. It melts easily when rubbed on hands. If I were to do it again I would add a bit more beeswax though for a slightly higher melting point product. Given that peoples hands are colder in the winter it should be fine. The scent is very light and gender neutral in my opinion. Again, next time i would add twice the essential oil but i was cautious with how strongly scented it would be. Adding more will of course increase the cost breakdown.

The other thing i would add would be slippery elm bark due to it keeping oils from getting rancid but the health food store didn’t have it. Next time maybe.

Have fun, rikka

edit to add: benefits of thyme essential oil  https://www.organicfacts.net/health-benefits/essential-oils/thyme-essential-oil.html and original recipe post from here http://wellnessmama.com/4770/lotion-bars/


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How the law follows the wealth gap in modern-day America – World – CBC News

The bitter truth, more obvious by the year, is that law enforcement in the U.S. is actually the enforcement of the class system itself.

If you are poor, you understand that. If you are wealthy, you probably understand it, too, but in another way altogether.

For a member of the American underclass, a minor brush with authorities can turn into the kind of Kafkaesque despair that most Americans associate with places like Egypt or Russia or Iran.

via How the law follows the wealth gap in modern-day America – World – CBC News.

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7 Simple Ways To Say “No” : zenhabits

Do you have difficulty saying “no”? Are you always trying to be nice to others at the expense of yourself?

After a while, I realized all these times of not saying “no” (when I should) were not helping me at all. I was spending a lot of time and energy for other people and not spending nearly as much time for myself. It was frustrating especially since I brought it upon myself. I slowly realized if I wanted personal time, I needed to learn to say “no”.


via 7 Simple Ways To Say “No” : zenhabits.

rikka’s note: Thinking about that last post brought me to think on personal freedoms. This is the first baby step to an independence attitude IMO. If you are good at this step try working on saying no to social conventions that are really corporate interest conventions i.e. credit card contracts, driver’s license contracts, etc. Always make sure it works for you. My personal tip on this is…people are very good at saying ” You have to ____________. (Fill in blank with bullshit of your experience. It’s almost always bullshit when the sentence starts like that..). When i hear those words i always ask myself if i really have to and who it benefits….them or me. What are the alternatives and/or consequences?

tip’s on things you actually “have to do”

  • breathe
  • drink
  • eat
  • sleep
  • defecate
  • shelter
  • love
  • have fun

Everything else is negotiable social convention.

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‘Poor people don’t plan long-term. We’ll just get our hearts broken’ | Society | The Observer

‘Poor people don’t plan long-term. We’ll just get our hearts broken’ | Society | The Observer.

rikka’s note: the title sums it up nicely but interesting read. So many thoughts i could add but i’ll leave it at this……it’s always something….you start to get a little something (time, energy, money) for yourself or family and there is always someone waiting to snatch it away.

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Spiraea – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Traditional medicine

Spiraea japonica ´Candlelight´

Spiraea contain salicylates. Acetylsalicylic acid was first isolated from Filipendula ulmaria, a species at the time classified in the genus Spiraea. The word “aspirin” was coined by adding a- (for acetylation) to spirin, from the German Spirsäure, a reference to Spiraea.[5][6][7]

Native American groups had various medicinal uses for local Spiraea species. S. betulifolia was used for abdominal pain and made into a tea.[8] The Blackfoot used S. splendens root in an enema and to treat venereal conditions.[9]

via Spiraea – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

rikka’s note: image above is Spiraea japonica…..the paper on seleneum and ebola talked about the use of blood thinners to keep the blood from clotting and forming embolism…aspirin is a blood thinner thus this line of research… also of interest on this subject

Neuroprotective effects in gerbils of spiramine T from Spiraea japonica var. acuta.


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Top 10 Foods Highest in Selenium

Selenium is required by the body for proper functioning of the thyroid gland, and may help protect against free radical damage and cancer. A deficiency in selenium can lead to pain in the muscles and joints, unhealthy hair, and white spots on the fingernails. In long term cases it may even lead to Hashimoto’s disease, a condition in which the body’s own immune system attacks the thyroid

via Top 10 Foods Highest in Selenium.

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