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The Sound of Freedom Returns to RBN! 10/26/14


Hello everyone Those of you that have followed the show for the past couple of years could have probably guessed back in August when I said I was taking a break that I wouldn’t be gone for long. After two months and a great talk with John Stadtmiller, I feel refreshed, and excited to be back on the airwaves. If you were listening to RBN this past Sunday morning, then you would have heard the first live Sound of Freedom since August. Unfortunately the show was not recorded, so there in no archive for the 10/19 show. Don’t beat yourself up about it if you missed it. This week’s show is sure to get you fired up about life as I will be sharing the wisdom of Orison Marden and others in the first hour, and I’ll be joined by the one and only Mike King of Tomatobubble.com in the second hour to cover current events and anything else listeners want to talk about. So tune in! Same place and same channel as before – This Sunday, October 26 from 9-11 am EST The Sound of Freedom will be ringing live at Republicbroadcasting.org

I’ll “see” YOU there! RBNlogo

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Thoughts of the Day – Scared of Ebola?


Hello everyone!

Is it just me or does it seem like people are going crazy?  Escalating racial tensions, wide open borders, the boogeyman (ISIS), and now EBOLA IN AMERICA? I don’t know about you, but I have my pro mask on while writing this, and I plan on carrying out NBC (Nuclear Biological Chemical) training with my family and farm animals every hour on the hour for the next 4 days! The sky is falling! Please understand how sarcastic I’m being. In all seriousness, here’s some inspirational thoughts in regards to will power and disease. Be more than you are. Do better than you can. Rise above and go beyond what others are willing to let you off the hook for.


Scared of Ebola? – YouTube.

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The United States of Pretend

The United States of Pretend. I once thought only children believed in fairy tales and make believe.

The United States of Pretend.

It never ceases to amaze me just how far into the depths of pretend we must all go in order to keep the lies going.

I now live in a world where everything I was told, is a non reality. It was all pretend, it was a fiction, a non truth.

I’ve read thousands of articles lately about the corruption, the lying, and the deception of what all of our lives have become, or what our nation has become. It now seems to me at this point in my life that it is all a fiction now at this point. None of it is real. Many have pointed this out with quotes like, “The Emperor has No clothes”.

So what precisely is the point I am driving at. I am saying that it is all an illusion, none of it is real, it is all fiction. Those who have power, are only pretending to have power. Those who have money, have nothing other than little pieces of paper with green ink, or perhaps some stocks in silver they don’t and can never own. Perhaps they worked their entire lives for a pension they will never get. Paid into a social security system that is bankrupt. Have their money in a bank that can take their money, say it evaporated and never give it back. They Drive a car that they will never be free to own, live in a house they have to pay on for the rest of their lives. Live under laws that the government doesn’t follow themselves. WOrk for money that is printed by a private family, that is controlled from outside the country whose flag they go and fight for. We fight for freedom, and human rights, yet we have neither. We fought against fascism, and by the very definition of the word, have all become fascists. We were scared out of our minds about the escalation of communism, and now have open communists serving in our government. We are told that freedom is about the freedom of the collective and that we must protect the minorities, yet the smallest minority of them all, is the individual. We work our entire lives to pay into a system that prints money out of thin air. Think about that, we work, earn money printed by a private family, and then turn around and pay that money straight back to the people who created it.

In short,
We pretend to be free

We pretend we are wealthy

We pretend that we elect our representatives

We pretend that the media isn’t corrupt and bought

We pretend that we have a right to privacy when we have none

We pretend that we are fighting a war on terrorism, yet we are arming the same people we call terrorists.

We pretend to have a constitution

We pretend to have a bill of rights

We pretend to have laws that lock up the criminals

We pretend to go and fight and kill in the name of freedom

We pretend a private family can print an infinite amount of money

We pretend we own our house

We pretend to own our cars

We pretend that our lives have meaning, that in the end, everything we worked a lifetime for, won’t be stolen

We pretend the stock market is a free capitalist market

We pretend that the government didn’t do fraudclosure

We pretend that MF Global never happened

We pretend that the 30,000 drones to fly over our heads is for our own protection

We pretend that all the bullets that the government is buying are not for us.

We pretend that we are not the most spied upon nation in the history of mankind

We pretend to have laws, and that those laws are for justice.

We pretend that the medical industry wants to make us healthy

We pretend that the department of energy wants to give us free, or cheap energy, and not enslave us and keep those things from us.

We pretend that the education department isn’t trying to brainwash us

We pretend that In God We trust on the back of the money means our god, and not theirs.

We pretend that to have fair and open elections

We pretend that the fools they place in front of us are not selected

We pretend that corporations are not corrupt, that they don’t control our nation

We pretended that NAFTA and the exportation of all of our jobs over seas was for the benefit of our nation

We pretend that we have secured boarders

We pretend that the TSA is there to catch the Muslim Terrorists.

We pretend that the NSA isn’t listening to all of us.

We pretend that the government isn’t the largest corporation on earth, the most corrupt corporation on earth

We pretend that invading nations who never attacked us is somehow for freedom

We pretend that it is ok to assassinate our own citizens with drones, including a 17 year old us citizen.

We pretend to have a right to a fair trial of our peers, even though they passed the NDAA

We pretend the patriot act was for our protection

We pretend that sense consolidated power has let us down, that consolidating it into even fewer hands in answer to the problem

We pretend that we are not enslaved to a system that we no longer want to be a part of

We pretend that we are free, but the truth is, you are not free to opt out of this nightmare

We pretend that the silver markets are not manipulated in order to protect the dollar

We pretend that these assholes have our consent when none of them do

We pretend the police are their to keep the peace when they are their to enforce laws that are dictated to us

We pretend that Obamacare was anything but a decree handed down by a monarchy who has exempted themselves from the same law

We pretend to be surprised whenever everything the politicians tell us are lies

We pretend to shut down the government, but the police state then goes into over drive, the whitehouse doesn’t close, but they wall off parks with signs that were ordered months in advance

We pretend that the debt doesn’t matter

We pretend that wall street is a great investment, and our
wealth and power

We pretend that wall street isn’t manipulated beyond belief even though it goes up on bad news, and everyone says they are waiting to see what the Federal Reserve is going to do for the day to see if stocks are going up or down. They are waiting for private families who print money out of thin air, to see what they will do, and that is the determining factor of the wealth and power of the supposed greatest nation on earth?

We pretend to be the greatest nation on earth

We pretended to be friends with the same people we spied upon

We pretend to want honesty, but attack anyone who is a whistle blower against the corruption.

We pretend that if you have a uniform and kill someone, it is justified.

We pretend that if you have a flag, and someone has told you to go and take something from someone else anywhere in the world, that is justified.

We pretend that we are fighting for democracy and installing puppet governments

We pretend the war in Libya was not about a gold backed currency

We pretend the war in Syria was not about oil, and the petro dollar

We pretend the courts are fair, and that if you go there you will find justice, but you never do.

We pretend that someone will come along and fix this, but you don’t understand there is no longer a foundation to any of it. Just as the emperor had no clothes it would be like asking someone to repair the clothes that he does not have.

We fight in their wars and lose body parts, kill fellow humans, go to work every day, and you are not working, fighting for, money, dollars or freedom. You are transferring your personal power to an elite group of a few people. You have stopped being an individual, you have given them your lives, and your childrens lives. Those numbers aren’t for your benefit, they are to label you, track you, and control you. You are a prisoner in your own nation!

We pretend

It’s all pretend!

It is all make believe!

Those who claim to have power, have nothing other than what you consent and give them by your constant childish pretending in order to go along with it. Usually you have agreed to support the lie, because they have rewarded you with promises, and they pretend they can give it to you, and you realize that if you stop believing in the lie, you won’t get the reward, and your entire life will have been nothing more than pretend.

So, you support the lie, because it is too painful for you to admit that it isn’t reality.

It is too painful for you to understand that what you have purchased was a something that doesn’t exist.

You are a slave, and that is the reality behind the pretend.

You are owned
You have nothing, and own nothing that cannot, and will not be taken from you in order to protect those at the top.

Addressed to: The willing fools of the United States of Pretend

(Free thoughts about freedom that you are free to re-post anywhere you like. Use any of my phrases you like. Feel free to edit and improve at your own personal discretion should you feel I left something out.)

Last Edited by GodFrequency on 10/30/2013 02:25 PM

rikka’s note: Not my rant. Every once and a while we all need a good rant. Rant, then let it go and back to work on solutions that work for you.

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Tea Options for Hot Flashes | 34-menopause-symptoms

How Can I Use Tea as a Treatment For Hot Flashes?

Many traditional herbs and spices can be steeped in hot water and brewed into a holistic tea. Often, to reap the benefits of this centuries-old tradition, you have to take the tea several times a day over a long period of time. If you do choose this all-natural way to relieve hot flashes, it’s important to remember that alternative treatments often require a long-term commitment before results can be seen.

via Tea Options for Hot Flashes | 34-menopause-symptoms.

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beware new drug for hot flashes

The “new” drug is an old drug, paroxetine (paxil), under a new brand name. Sneaky bastages. This is a SSRI class antidepressant.


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Onions: Everything You Need To Know To Grow ‘Em – Organic Gardening – MOTHER EARTH NEWS

Onions have been important for their perceived health benefits in times gone past and proven health benefits today as well as the fabulous taste they add to an array of dishes.

Onions are easy to grow, have little to no pest problems and are a perennial to boot!

via Onions: Everything You Need To Know To Grow ‘Em – Organic Gardening – MOTHER EARTH NEWS.

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25 Alarming Reasons That Sitting Down All Day (AKA Your Office Job) Is Killing You

Science & Technology

25 Alarming Reasons That Sitting Down All Day (AKA Your Office Job) Is Killing You

Posted by David Pegg on July 22, 2014


Did you know that sitting is one of the most dangerous things you do? These are 25 alarming reasons that sitting down all day (aka your office job) is killing you.

via 25 Alarming Reasons That Sitting Down All Day (AKA Your Office Job) Is Killing You.

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Activist Post: Vaccines: Penalizing the Unvaccinated?

In an article titled, ” Endangering the Herd ,” Slate argues that those refusing to receive vaccines should be penalized, and the act of refusing to be vaccinated be criminalized.

The article would claim:

Parents who don’t vaccinate their kids may have the most heartfelt reason in the world: fear for their own children’s safety. But the basis for that fear is simply unfounded, and their decisions are putting other kids directly at risk.

via Activist Post: Vaccines: Penalizing the Unvaccinated?.

rikka’s rant: what the &%# kinda logic is that? Are people so brain damaged this makes sense to them?

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Stockholm Syndrome and the State – Government Denies Knowledge

A study by Graham et al (1994) suggests four conditions that are necessary for Stockholm Syndrome to appear. As elucidated by Harry Elliot of the Stanford Review:

“Psychological precedent would suggest that four conditions are required for Stockholm Syndrome to develop. First, the criminal must pose a serious threat to the victim. Second, the victim must be isolated from outside influences. Third, the victim must feel completely unable to escape his captivity or to defend himself. Fourth, the victim must feel that some compassion has been shown. This does not entail a bank robber offering burgers and cookies to a hostage, but simply means that captors have not been as aggressive as they theoretically could.”

Michael Huemer adds a fifth condition (a kind of corollary to the third one above): The hostage cannot overpower or defend himself from his captor.

The relationship between a state and its citizens is comparable to that of a hostage and his captors, at least with regards to these conditions. Let’s look at them each individually.

via Stockholm Syndrome and the State – Government Denies Knowledge.

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Sweden Is Now Recycling 99 Percent Of Its Trash. Here’s How They Do It | TruthTheory

Sweden recycles and sorts its waste so efficiently that less than 1 percent ends up in landfills. But perhaps even more interesting, and somewhat controversial, is that Sweden burns about as much household waste as it recycles, over 2 million tons, and converts this to energy. But even with this amount of domestic waste, the country’s 32 waste-to energy (WTE) incineration plants can handle even more.

via Sweden Is Now Recycling 99 Percent Of Its Trash. Here’s How They Do It | TruthTheory.

rikka’s note: back in the 90′s there was a show called beyond 2000 that talked about an industrial plant that could recycle garbage into energy, reclaim the precious metals, extract the oils. I read later they were going to build one near St. Louis.  A guy in Canada designed a working model of a different one that recycled tires and reclaimed the oils. Both ran on energy extracted from the input.   But no….our psychopaths in charge probably put the kibosh on those in deference to corporate power co.

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Stress: Portrait of a Killer – Watch Free Documentary Online

Prolonged, sustained, excessive stress and your similar response to it, not only causes deterioration of your brain, but it also compromises your immune system; your ability to fight off diseases.

Unfortunately, most of the people who really need the information in this documentary will never see it and the vast majority who do see it will ignore it. Only those determined to live a quality life for as long as possible will pay attention to this video.

via Stress: Portrait of a Killer – Watch Free Documentary Online.

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Propaganda 101 – How the Pentagon is Trying to Rewrite Vietnam War History

Now the Pentagon — run by a Vietnam veteran, Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel — is planning a 50th anniversary commemoration of the Vietnam War. The effort, which is expected to cost taxpayers nearly $15 million by the end of this fiscal year, is intended to honor veterans and, its website says, “provide the American public with historically accurate materials” suitable for use in schools.

But the extensive website, which has been up for months, largely describes a war of valor and honor that would be unrecognizable to many of the Americans who fought in and against it.

Leading Vietnam historians complain that it focuses on dozens of medal-winning soldiers while giving scant mention to mistakes by generals and the years of violent protests and anguished debate at home.

In one early iteration, the website referred to the 1968 My Lai massacre, in which American troops killed hundreds of Vietnamese civilians, as the My Lai Incident.

via Propaganda 101 – How the Pentagon is Trying to Rewrite Vietnam War History.

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Parents outraged as U.S. Toys ‘R’ Us sells ‘crystal meth’ Breaking Bad dolls

One of the six-inch figures, which sell for $17.99, even portrays a dealer clutching a gun, with a detachable bag of cash and blue rocks of the drug crystal meth.

Others are dressed in Hazmat protective suits, with a description reading: “As [the] Breaking Bad action figure stares at you from inside his collector friendly clamshell package, he dares you to make your move.”

The dolls are sold as part of a deal with Sony Pictures Television, which distributes the show, in Toys “R” Us’s “collectable” selection, and are aimed at adults and children older than 14.

via Parents outraged as U.S. Toys ‘R’ Us sells ‘crystal meth’ Breaking Bad dolls.

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On Mycoremediation: An Interview With Paul Stamets – Nature and Environment – MOTHER EARTH NEWS

Oyster mushrooms have the ability to break down petroleum-based contaminants and also capture and eat E. Coli through mycofiltration and mycoremediation, making them a naturally occurring water filter.

via On Mycoremediation: An Interview With Paul Stamets – Nature and Environment – MOTHER EARTH NEWS.

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Common Plant Compound Found to Reverse Lung Damage Associated with COPD |REALfarmacy.com | Healthy News and Information

Common Plant Compound Found to Reverse Lung Damage Associated with COPD |REALfarmacy.com | Healthy News and Information.

New Studies Reveal Lung Tissue Can be Regenerated

Research performed by Dr. Gloria De Carlo Massaro and Dr. Donald Massaro at Georgetown University School of Medicine, successfully reversed emphysema in experimental rats. The researchers used a derivative of vitamin A: all-trans-retinoic acid (ATRA).


Twelve days of daily ATRA injections enabled the mice to grow healthy new alveoi. Dr. Donald Massaro said, “It appeared that the treatment regenerated the adult rat’s ability to produce alveoli, the small air sacs where oxygen and carbon dioxide move between the lungs and the bloodstream. The production of alveoli normally ends in childhood.” [4]


Interestingly, a 2003 study published in Journal of Nutrition (Vols. 130 and 133): “Vitamin A Depletion Induced by Cigarette Smoke Is Associated with the Development of Emphysema in Rats” demonstrated why cigarette smoking is considered to be the primary cause of emphysema.

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▶ The Seven Sins Of Obama- 1. The Rot From Within – YouTube

▶ The Seven Sins Of Obama- 1. The Rot From Within – YouTube.

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